We Are Capra Biosciences

Using biology to make high performance renewable chemicals affordable.

High performance renewable chemicals affordable

Our Mission

Capra Biosciences Mission

Make high performance renewable chemicals cost-efficient and sustainable.

We are revolutionizing chemical production with our patented bioreactor technology that creates chemicals using natural processes that consume and transform waste into materials of value to humanity.

Our Technology

Capra specializes in making clean and sustainable hydrophobic chemicals that are challenging to produce using conventional fermentation technologies.


At the core of our technology are biofilms – thin films of microorganisms that naturally form on surfaces. They serve as amazing natural agents to create novel chemicals.
Capra Biosciences - Biofilms


Our bioreactor design combines the benefits of biosynthesis with a water-, energy-, and time-saving solvent extraction step to produce complex hydrophobic products.
Capra Biosciences - Bioreactor


Retinol is a form of vitamin A used in many anti-aging cosmetics. While today retinol is industrially synthesized from petrochemicals, our bioreactors manufacture retinol using biology, the way it’s made in nature.

Retinol and lubricants represent the first of many Capra products that will provide greener solutions to consumers and the planet.

Capra Biosciences - Retinol

We’re looking for team members who thrive at the interface between engineering, biology, chemistry, and materials science.

Capra Biosciences Lab

We’d love to explore how Capra Biosciences can support your needs or current product line.

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