Our Technology

The Capra Biosciences Platform

Our platform uses a metabolically flexible, biofilm-forming bacteria often found in marine environments. This enables continuous product synthesis and direct solvent extraction to efficiently produce and purify a broad array of high-value commodity and specialty chemicals.
Capra Biosciences Technology

A Revolutionary Approach to Chemical Creation

By combining our bioreactor design with recently developed genetic engineering tools for our platform organism, we can efficiently produce a broad array of high-value commodity and specialty chemicals.


At the core of our technology are biofilms – thin films of microorganisms that naturally form on surfaces. They serve as amazing natural agents to create novel chemicals.
Capra Biosciences - Biofilms


Our bioreactor design combines the benefits of biosynthesis with a water-, energy-, and time-saving solvent extraction step to produce complex hydrophobic products.
Capra Biosciences - Bioreactor

Advantages of Our Platform

Sustainable carbon sources

Our organism can convert complex carbon sources – things like food waste and agricultural byproducts – into useful products. Our bioreactor design allows us to easily extract the products from complex feedstock.

Reduced greenhouse emissions

Our processes can offset emissions from other organizations and industries. Using feedstocks such as food waste can offset carbon emissions associated with petrochemical manufacturing and eliminate methane and CO2 emissions from the decaying waste.

Reduced capital investment

By using biofilms, we reduce the overall water required to make a product, and as a result, decrease the overall infrastructure needed. As a result, the initial capital investment to produce a new sustainable product can be significantly reduced.

New biosynthetic chemicals

Biology has the ability to exquisitely control the synthesis of chemicals at the molecular level. Our bioreactor technology allows the cost-effective manufacture of products like lubricants that can offer higher performance than those made using traditional refining and chemical manufacturing.

Distributed manufacturing

Our bioreactor technology’s modular design enables co-localized manufacturing – either at the feedstock source or point of use – thereby reducing supply chain risks and transportation costs.

Discover the first product enabled by our platform – providing greener solutions to consumers and the planet.

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