Our First Product


Capra created the first 100% petroleum-free Retinol. Production using Capra's patented platform enables scalable, cost-competitive manufacture of renewable chemicals.
Capra Biosciences - Retinol

Our Process

While today retinol is industrially synthesized from petrochemicals using fermentation, Capra’s bioreactors produce retinol using biology, the way it’s made in nature.
Retinol - Capra Biosciences

Our biofilm technology is ideally suited for producing hydrophobic molecules like retinol. We can manufacture molecules that are challenging to create via traditional fermentation, making it a compelling high-value product to demonstrate our platform’s potential.

Through this innovative process, we can provide companies with a path to sustainable products without compromising on cost or performance.

Fast Facts

What is Retinol?

A form of vitamin A used in anti-aging cosmetics, retinol is proven to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, increase skin firmness, and even out age spots.

Retinol currently sells for $3000/kg or more at volumes greater than 1,000 mt/yr. We strive to dramatically reduce the cost of retinol production and improve product quality and reliability – all while using our environmentally friendly process.

Retinol - Capra Biosciences
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